FEBS combined practical and lecture course

CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain

July 9 – 14 2012

The goal of this five-day series of lectures and hands-on sessions is to provide the attendants with a thorough overview of basic concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology that form the foundations of the interdisciplinary field of biointerfaces and to illustrate how these concepts are applied in everyday research.


The workshop is aimed at graduate students working in the broadly defined field of soft interfaces.





Biolin Scientific

J.A. Woollam Company

LOT Oriel

JPK Instruments AG

We would like to thank the speakers for the excellent, inspirational lectures, the tutors for carefully designing and organizing the practicals, the sponsors for their support, and the students for actively participating! A special thanks also goes to those who helped us put this workshop together - our students, postdocs, technicians, administrative and IT personal at CIC biomaGUNE


I. Reviakine & R. Richter (CIC biomaGUNE)
M. Velez (Institute of Catalysis, CSIC)
Contact: PhysChemBio@cicbiomagune.es